The Turning Pro Training Camp & Coaching program
is coming to:
* Toronto, Ontario
* Detroit, Michigan
* Vancouver, BC

... in the spring of 2018!

If you are a goalie over 14 years of age

who is serious about waking up a year from now as the goalie that every team dreams of having, and is ready to take action to make that happen,

... then the TPTCC is for you!

Join a world class training camp environment for two days with:

Top goalie coaches on the ice

In-person coaching with Maria Mountain, MSc

Individual off-ice assessment

High quality food to support your training during the camp

Individualized strategic planning

Limited edition Turning Pro Camp gear

The MVP group dinner!

This isn't like other on-ice
goalie camps...

This isn’t like on-ice goalie camps where you spend five days on the ice learning awesome drills, working so hard that you can barely skate after the first two days and then you go back to what you have always done.

Maybe you remember a few of the drills and you try to work on them for a few minutes when you get a chance on the ice - - the camp definitely helps, but once it is over, that’s IT.
Turning Pro is a camp AND coaching program that takes a totally different approach to goaltender development.
Yes, there will be on-ice sessions, but it is the off-ice that takes centre stage in this program.

And don’t worry, it isn’t going to be like most of the goalie camps you go to where the off-ice sessions are just one big bagger. You know what I mean don’t you? You get a bag session on the ice, then you get a bag session off the ice, which just makes you so exhausted for the final on-ice bagger of the day that you are just trying to survive the day by the end of it.

Turning Pro isn’t like a goalie camp.

We don’t have to squeeze a year’s worth of work into three days or a week.

We will spend two days together, but spend an entire year working together.

“After using Maria's program I have had the smoothest transition from the gym onto the ice of my professional career. Her attention to detail of my specific needs elevated my strength and conditioning, eliminated a chronic injury and improved my flexibility."
NHL Goalie
That is what you are getting here,
An amazing two-day Turning Pro Training Camp!
plus an ENTIRE YEAR’s worth of off-ice goalie specific coaching

See the difference?
So while you pay $1,200 - $1,500 or more for 5 days at an elite goalie camp, at the end of the 5 days, that’s it.

We both know it takes more than 5-days to reach your potential.

This program is based on our #OneDayBetter philosophy.

You need to develop a level of competency and proficiency at one level followed by a new challenge to stimulate further adaptation over time. This is how goalies develop over time so you will stop more pucks this month than last month and next month you will stop even more.

Rather than getting one big hit and then getting stuck on a plateau until the next camp, you will feel a big boost after the TP Training Camp because you will have a good dose of on-ice techniques to work on, you will get great goalie specific off-ice training, you will understand more about how your body moves and where you need to focus following your individual assessment and you will have a clear vision of where you want to go and how you are going to get there following your strategic planning session.

Then your GAA will continue to whittle away from month to month, your save percentage will bump up, up, up.

Instead of gambling on one week, you are investing in an entire year.
Okay, so how does it
actually work?
Step One: ASK yourself these three questions:

1) Is becoming the best goalie possible a mission for me (or is it just a wish)?

2) Am I willing to actually invest the time and energy to achieve that mission over the course of the next 12-months?

3) Am I coachable, can I follow instructions and provide feedback to Maria during our monthly coaching calls so she can create the best possible training programs for me from month to month?

If you answered “Yes” to all of those, then proceed to step 2…
Step Two: CLICK the button below to fill out the Application Form
Apply For The Turning Pro Coaching + CAMP Now!
Step Three: PHONE INTERVIEW with Maria to make sure it is the right fit

Based on your application, I will get a good sense of whether or not it is the right fit for both of us. If I think it is the right fit, then I will reach out to you to book the phone call so I can answer any questions you have AND hear in your voice the commitment you have to your mission.

Because I will be custom designing your training programs for a full 12-months (and that takes quite a bit of time), I am only accepting a few goalies into the program.

Don’t let that stop you. Go ahead and apply, you are not wasting my time if you believe in your mission. I will make my decisions based on your passion and purpose for the mission, not based on your current level of play. AA, Beer League, Jr C - - I don’t care. I want to work with motivated goalies who are ready to take action.

Having said that, please don’t be disappointed if you don’t get invited for a phone interview.
Step Four: ACCEPT OFFER to join the Turning Pro Coaching + Camp program, select your preferred camp location/dates and schedule first COACHING CALL with Maria so she can design your individual training programs and start your development ahead of your Training Camp. Remember you are joining the 12-month Turning Pro Coaching program - the camp is really just a bonus, so let’s get to work.
Detroit, Michigan
April 14-15
...with Steve McKichan and Future Pro on the ice.
Vancouver, BC
April 21-22
...with Pasco Valana coaching you on the ice.
Toronto, Ontario
May 5-6
...with Moe Tanel and Team Shutout on the ice.
And then you just have to DO THE TRAINING. Use your private messaging feature to reach out to Maria when you need help with an exercise, your schedule, your nutrition, etc. Do the training. Schedule your monthly coaching calls. Do the training…. get the idea? 
Apply For The Turning Pro Coaching + CAMP Now!
What Actual Turning Pro Goalies Say...

Building strength and stability to play a more aggressive game
Grant Adams
Culver Military Academy Hockey

From AA to AAA for Notre Dame Hounds, using completely different approach
Owen Petten
Phoenix Jr Hockey

"The more I get to know Maria as a professional and a friend, the more impressed I become with her work. Not only is she extremely effective with what she teaches her students, but also how she does it. This innate passion and teaching ability, combined with all of her programs, is an invaluable part of the goalie community.  She's a big reason why goalies around the world are stronger, smarter, and more aware of our bodies than ever before."

Justin Goldman
The Goalie Guild Founder

The missing ingredient for so many goalies is they lack the tools to perform on the ice.  They may know what to do, but cannot execute it with speed, balance and precision and that is where Maria’s off-ice training programs have been a game changer.  Her style of training not only develops a more efficient and consistent goalie, but also a durable one who can enjoy a long and productive career.

Mike Valley
NHL Goalie Consultant
AXIS Talent Management
So there are two elements to the Turning Pro Coaching + Camp

Turning Pro Camp

Two day training camp for Turning Pro goalies only
Small group coaching environment of only 3-7 goalies TOTAL
All your workout gear:
* Practice jersey
* Workout shirt
* Workout shorts
* GoalieTrainingPro hoodie
Athlete training table both days:
* healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, pre and post workout nutrition everyday plus the MVP group dinner on Saturday night
Two on-ice coaching sessions with elite goalie coaches Steve McKichan, Moe Tanel or Pasco Valana - depending on which camp you attend
Individual goalie specific movement assessment
Off-ice goalie specific workouts (mobility, strength, speed/agility) with a focus on learning proper technique and movement patterns
The Perfect Season Strategy session where we will work together to map out your goals for the next 12-months AND create the action steps to get you there.

Turning Pro Coaching Program

12-months of custom off-ice training program design based on your specific needs, schedule, equipment availability
Monthly coaching call so we can assess what is going well, what we need to work on and how to manage your schedule
Access to the Turning Pro training app where your workouts will be uploaded.

This is where you will see exactly what workouts and exercises to do based on your schedule.

You can see video tutorials for each exercise in the app and of course you will record your workouts. You can also print a paper copy from the app if you prefer
Unlimited SMS support using the messaging feature in our private training app
Nutritional guidance to support your training efforts
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